About Benchmark

The Benchmark Biolabs Mission:

“To provide the highest quality, most responsive, and most adaptable service at any point on the path from concept to commercialization.”


Benchmark Biolabs was created in 1996 to streamline the research-to-commercialization process in a constantly evolving industry. The company is the realization of the founding team’s long-held belief in the commercial and technical value of innovation.

Benchmark founders targeted and assembled the best expertise and technology within the biological development sector, resulting in a business that offers a truly integrated service across the entire development continuum.  Since inception Benchmark has continually expanded upon these core strengths, and the list of achievements continues to grow.

Key Achievements

  • Co-founded VaxLiant  in 2013; providing the industry with novel adjuvants and fully customizable antigen-delivery systems.
  • Licensed the world’s first U.S. made bio-engineered FMD vaccine for cattle and associated manufacturing/production plant.
  • Developed FDA regulated process-development method for new probiotics being developed for human use.
  • Developed a robust manufacturing procedure for a DNA vaccine.
  • Co-developed an in vitro potency-release assay and identity test for intestinal parasite species based on viability.
  • Co-developed the first plant-derived vaccine approved by the USDA.
    • Design and management of manufacturing facility.
    • First potency and identity tests for plant-derived vaccines.
    • First plant-derived master cell stocks for the purpose of vaccines.
  • Redrafted and prepared documents for evaluation of Category 1, 2 and -3 recombinant organisms. The USDA/CVB licensing and policy division uses this document to evaluate new technologies that enter the regulatory development procedures for vaccines and immunotherapeutics.
  • Established one of the first privately-owned BSL3 clinical testing facilities in North America.
  • Developed single-dose emulsion vaccines based on recombinant subunit or inactivated antigens.
  • Developed surrogate models to test live, recombinant-live and inactivated products for animal and human use.
  • Designed and managed a manufacturing site modeled for molecular farming of transgenic animals.
  • Developed training programs in methods validation and qualification of reference standards for customers.
  • Developed a first-in-class manufacturing service model for clients with USDA/CVB licensed products.
  • Developed a customized reagent qualified to meet the limitation and variances for its intended use.