Adjuvants / Delivery Systems


VaxLiant LogoVaxLiant is an innovative joint venture between two established companies. Benchmark Biolabs, and, AgriLabs®, and providing the industry with novel adjuvants and fully customizable antigen-delivery systems.

The collective team of experts represent more than 100 years of experience in developing and marketing vaccines.

Ready-to-use ENABL® adjuvants and fully customizable BioMize® antigen-delivery systems enable:

  • in vitro screening
  • Similar efficacy using less antigen
  • Ability to recover antigen for product-release assays
  • Stimulation of different immune responses
  • Different formulations (e.g., DNA, gene vector, subunit, modified-live virus, killed virus)
  • Different routes of inoculation
  • Protection with a single dose
  • A stronger immune response
  • Ability to meet product-approval safety and withdrawal requirements

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