Asset Evaluation-Advancement

Discovery / Technology Validation

Benchmark Enhanced Asset Model – BEAM

Benchmark applies a proven and predictable stage-gate approach to move assets beyond the discovery stage. This process increases the value of an asset by reducing the risk and offering development within a controlled expense and time environment.

1. Assessment phase

Description: Complete asset evaluation, including the Regulatory, Laboratory, Clinical, Manufacturing, Business Development and Intellectual Property aspects.
Deliverables: Generate a report, including detailed recommendations for development of the asset, including risk assessment and probability of success
Next Step Options (Go/No Go gate):

  • License the asset.
  • Return to the discovery group for additional basic research.
  • Initiate the Laboratory work stage.

Timeline: 6 to 8 weeks.

2. Laboratory phase

Description: Program of in vitro tests designed to better characterize the assets, reagents and assays in order to define the various control points.

  • Define and characterize the Asset/Technology.
  • Create assays, reagents, and laboratory protocols for asset management.
  • The asset becomes controllable in R&D and manufacturing environments.
  • Risks to potential licensees/investors are reduced – asset value is enhanced.
  • Risk assessment/probability of success.

Next Step Options (Go/No Go gate):

  • License the asset.
  • Return to the discovery group for additional basic research.
  • Initiate preclinical/clinical animal studies.

Timeline: 9 to 12 weeks.

3. Clinical / Pre-clinical phase

Description: Perform animal studies in order to confirm the asset’s characteristics in a target or surrogate model. The objective is for the asset to become predictable in terms of future development timelines and amenable to accurate financial modeling.

  • Establish Clinical Models in Target or Surrogate Species.
  • Conduct 1 to 3 clinical studies with scientific design.
  • Establish clinical models in target or surrogate species.
  • Determine protocols and parameters as a basis for registration studies.
  • Enhance the value of the asset for the licensee/investor.
  • Risk assessment.

Next Step Options (Go/No Go gate):

  • Terminate work.
  • License the asset.
  • Develop a product application.

Timeline: 9 to 12 weeks.

The Results of the Model

Completion of the 3-step process yields a well-characterized asset whose value is clear and supported by confirmatory laboratory and clinical data. The holder of the asset now has the information necessary to initiate a full development path.