Benchmarks’ USDA clinical and FDA pre-clinical expertise is focused on licensing our client’s products or maintaining/clarifying existing product life cycles. Necessary facilities are in place to house surrogate models for small target or laboratory species in-house. Larger surrogate or target species are managed by our personnel at off-site locations.  Inspected and certified by Animal Welfare, all studies conducted onsite are IACUC approved.

Benchmark’s Clinical Services include:

Please contact us if a service is not listed, as it may be available

  • Proof of Concept
  • Immunogenicity
  • Safety and Challenge
  • Hyperimmunization for Antibody Production
  • Tissue and Immune-Cell Isolation.
  • Animal Model Development (Target or Surrogate)
  • Sample collection, processing, and storage (performed onsite or shipped directly to client)
  • Withdrawal Studies
  • Product Development
    • Novel Sampling Methods and Analytic Testing
      • Reduction
      • Refinement
      • Replacement
  • Serum- and Antibody-Response Assays
  • Efficacy/Immunogenicity (i.e. Minimum Immunizing Dose)
  • Specialized Reagent Production
  • Interference
  • Vaccine Safety (Target and Surrogate Animal)
  • Field Safety
  • Data Capture
    • Flow Cytometry
    • CMI Bioassays
    • PCR Cytokine Cascades
    • Innate-Response Assays
    • Mucosal-Response Assays