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From Concept to Commercialization

The current biological-development process can be inefficient, disconnected, prolonged, and expensive.

With Benchmark, customers can select from a wide offering of standard and custom lab services as well as customizable start-to-finish evaluation and development solutions scalable to the needs of your organization.

  • Replace unreliable assays
  • Improve poor yielding processes
  • Generate the data needed for regulatory submission
  • Accelerate an asset from discovery to a commercial product

Timelines are shortened, Value is added, overall Costs of the commercialization are reduced, and the highest standards of Quality are maintained throughout.

Whether it be cutting edge research, pioneering vaccine developments, novel delivery and adjuvant technologies, or world’s first licensed products and facilites, Benchmark provides the highest quality, most responsive, and most adaptable service at any point on the path from concept to commercialization.