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Localized Expertise with a Global Perspective


The team at Benchmark Biolabs brings biological assets and technology platforms to market around the world, providing the highest quality, most responsive, and most adaptable service at any point on the path from concept to commercialization.

Benchmark Biolabs Global PresenceClients range from entrepreneurs, and emerging biotechnology companies, to the world’s leading biopharmaceutical innovators.

For some, Benchmark is an integral part of a major strategic initiative. For others, Benchmark is an expedient and cost-effective way to access additional capacity for a specific study, project, or entire business, without carrying the overhead of hiring new people or building new facilities.

Clients utilize our team of experts to resolve more specific problems as well: replacement of an unreliable assay, improvement of a poor yielding process, or the generation of data needed for regulatory submission are just a few examples of Benchmark’s expansive capabilities.

Whether it be cutting edge research, pioneering vaccine developments, novel delivery and adjuvant technologies (VaxLiant), or world’s first licensed products and facilities, the Benchmark team is here to serve.