For some customers, we serve as an integral part of a major strategic initiative. For others, we are an expedient way to access additional technical capacity for a specific study or project, alleviating the capital requirements associated with hiring new people or building new facilities.

Leading edge research and support

  • Traditional Vaccines
  • DNA Vaccines and Gene Delivery
  • Unique Adjuvants and Delivery Systems
  • Current Antigens
  • more…

Support for unique platforms

  • Adenovirus
  • Insect Cell
  • Plant Cell
  • Phage
  • more…

Regulatory assistance for licensing and product approval

  • Product Licensing Plans
  • QA Consulting
  • more…

Professional Services

  • Industry Training Sessions
  • Due Diligence Activities
    • Evaluation of Biological Products, Operations, and Facilities
  • Financial Modeling
    • Project Costing Exercises
  • more…